Push to Flywheel Staging


I was wondering if there is a way to push local to Flywheel staging?


At this time there isn’t that option.

You can push to a demo site, but that won’t get you to a point where you can push a staging site to production.

– Ben


Thanks Ben! Any word on if that is on the roadmap?


It’s not on the immediate horizon, but we are going to be reworking how staging works so that it is a better overall experience. When we get to that point, the Local -> staging connection will be a part of that improvement.

– Ben


+1 for this feature


I just started using Flywheels services and just noticed that Local not have the option to push to staging? I am so used to working in which i go from dev->staging->production . What is the advantage of not being able to push directly to staging?


I totally agree with your workflow but, since Flywheel only offers Staging and Production…their Staging phase is the only option for QA/UAT and client review. We’ve been using a work-around of creating a new “Test” instance in Flywheel. Then uncouple Local from the Test instance and then push to Production once approved.


+1 for adding this function; I’m unclear on why moving to staging from Local is not available? My first client has limited time to view changes to their site that’s being developed within Local, and my machine is not always on, so they can not see the changes despite having the Local Live link :frowning:

If anyone has a work around or can help me figure out how to migrate to a staging site on Flywheel from Local I’d be delighted to hear it.

Many thanks,
Graham - a WP/Flywheel newbie!


There isn’t any advantage to doing things this way. I definitely agree that it’s a pain point. It’s just that these products (Local and Staging) were developed independently from each other, each without the other in mind.

Integrating them isn’t as simple as it sounds because neither has any existing affordances for the other.

– Ben


See my message above:


Hi Ben,
As a new user of Flywheel (and Local) as well as WP I’ve much to learn, and appreciate your clarification on how independent the two products are.