Low Battery alert on startup... not a laptop


I think all the time - but maybe just most of the time - I get a Mac notification from Local about “Low Battery”… but I’m on an iMac…

Any ideas?


I updated to latest version of Local and OS X Mojave, and it’s still happening… this time I was able to snag a screenshot: https://cl.ly/efb5b4972420


Hey @cliff, that’s really weird. Thanks for reporting this issue and including a screenshot. We’ll look into it!


I know this is 4 months old but I am getting the exact same message every time I launch Local. I’m also running the software on iMac and not a laptop.


I just got done upgrading to v3.0.4 and I still get this message on start up. It’s weird. It doesn’t seem to prevent the software from running thankfully. :wink: