Install PHP 7.3



Is there any way to install PHP 7.3 ?

Is PHP 7.3 included in version 3.0.3

Hi Burhan,

Not yet, but it’ll be soon!

P.S. I moved this post into #feature-requests so others can vote it up :smiley:


Any eta on 7.3 in Local?


I mean, this isn’t really a feature request is it? It needs to happen, and pretty quickly I imagine?


Is PHP 7.3 not included in version 3.0.1? That’s a real bummer if it is not :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
It’s rather mandatory to develop.

Can we get an update on this please @clay Thank you


I can confirm, it’s not in v3.0.1. Disappointing.


@clay looking forward for 7.2.9 and 7.3.* in upcoming update of local, including new MySQL also :slight_smile:


It’s end of December, PHP version 7.3.0 is stable and we still have voting. Voting is frivolous. We should have version 7.3 since RC at least, if not since beta. Local turns out to be an inadequate tool for developers.


3.0.3, still no 7.3. @clay, you have a funny definition of ‘Soon’ :wink:


Local is a really great app, but it would be highly professional to give us a small update on this mandatory matter. How are developers supposed to keep up? Is there a way for us to install a PHP version manually?

I don’t really understand that this is a feature request … or is the feature request for “a way to install a PHP version ourself”


Agreed. PHP7.3 needs to be available ASAP and for future PHP releases should be included at the RC* stage.


@clay would you be so kind to reply us with a status on this please? As a WordPress development tool I expect to have at least the latest minor PHP version available for testing.

Thank you