Ability to change the default directory Local uses


Hi, I need to move the directory Local uses without having to re-install all my local sites.

I read somewhere this is not possible yet. Doing it manually sadly does not work. If only there was a setting where I can manually set where Local needs to look, that would solve everything.

Use case:
My local sites are becoming so important I want them stored in my OneDrive directory for instant backup.

If there is some command line to change the default directory, please let me know! I use the latest macOS version.



Hey @Verdi

Thanks for the feature request!

You can update this for all sites going forward by going to “Preferences > New Site Defaults” and update the “Sites Path” option: http://flywheel.link/f8b760

But you are right that Local can’t update this for existing sites.

– Ben


I noticed, but thanks for the screenshot anyway. Please pass on my feature request. It seems like a relatively easy way to make a lot users happy. Sorry, i meant to say EVEN MORE happy :wink:


+1 ! It’s a VERY important feature! Sometime, you have few hard desk and C is already full, so you just can NOT install Flywheel !..