Feature requests

Push to Flywheel Staging (11)
Auto-start Sites on Local Startup (3)
Can we have the wp-cli profile command installed as a default? (1)
Sync with Dropbox (1)
List remote sites alphabetically or add a search feature (for clients with gobs of sites) (4)
Multi-site multi-domain/domain mapping support w/ SSL (1)
Push Messages/Notes (2)
PHPUnit testing setup ( 2 ) (23)
Docker for Windows (9)
PHP Extension Manager (3)
WP CLI and Shell Shortcut (5)
A few+ requests (1)
Setting a default browser (8)
Add Windows system tray support (6)
An Android version of Local (3)
Support for external db hosts (2)
Disable auto start on site provision (4)
Git + NPM + Local Connect (14)
Option to default "Exclude Database" to checked when pushing to remote (1)
Public hostname should be installed in Local site's /etc/host (1)
Ability to change Windows SSH Client (7)
Ngrok.io alternative (7)
VM Ware and other provider support (1)
Replace Bloated VirtualBox with hypervisor/hyperkit/xhyve/bhyve (5)
Microsoft HyperV Support (1)
Define email for 'Push' notifications (3)
Custom Login Page (1)
Little free text box for notes (3)
Sort Sites by chronological order (newest at top) (1)
Is there a roadmap for what's coming up? (2)