Feature requests

Linked clones for wp instances off a flywheel base that may reduce dependencies and provisioning issues? (1)
Start site through command line (11)
Install PHP 7.3 (3)
Add phpMyAdmin to Local (10)
Support for OpenLiteSpeed Web Server (2)
Ability to change the Local Environment when Cloning a site (1)
Ability to change the default directory Local uses (4)
Update adminer 4.7 (1)
MySQL 5.7 and MariaDB (16)
Local Authentication Using Touch ID (macOS) (2)
Add support for TablePlus (1)
Add ability to select any version of WordPress (7)
We need Local Pro (7)
Need to simplify creating non Wordpress sites (3)
Is there any plans for Linux? (11)
Push to Flywheel incrementally? (6)
More robust protections agains unexpected Local shutdowns (1)
Group sites in folder in sidebar (8)
Hide the icon on tray - windows (2)
Please add a "START ALL" (2)
Push to Flywheel Staging (11)
Auto-start Sites on Local Startup (3)
Stoping site should remove from /etc/hosts (6)
Can we have the wp-cli profile command installed as a default? (1)
Sync with Dropbox (1)
List remote sites alphabetically or add a search feature (for clients with gobs of sites) (4)
Multi-site multi-domain/domain mapping support w/ SSL (1)
Push Messages/Notes (2)
PHPUnit testing setup ( 2 ) (23)
Docker for Windows (9)