Feature requests

Push to Flywheel Staging (16)
Ignore Media Files on Push & Pull (1)
Graceful Fail on Site Pull (1)
Is there any plans for Linux? (12)
We need Local Pro (11)
MySQL 5.7 and MariaDB (19)
Please use phpMyAdmin (3)
Install PHP 7.3 ( 2 ) (23)
Languages option (2)
Docker for Windows (10)
Add INTL (icu) PHP Extension (2)
Ability to change the default directory Local uses (6)
Ability to change Windows SSH Client (8)
Open site with https when SSL is enabled (3)
Backup size big, make backups optional? (7)
Add NPM, Yarn and Git tools (4)
Migrate from MAMP (2)
Need to simplify creating non Wordpress sites (4)
Upgrade PHP 7.0.3 to ^7.0.9 in Custom Environment (1)
Local Authentication Using Touch ID (macOS) (3)
A way to make customize the live link? (2)
Setting PHP memory_limit from Dashboard:Site Setup (3)
Sort and search sites on "Connect to Flywheel" (2)
Setting the WordPress Version (3)
Disable update pop-up after clicking 'no' once (1)
Ability to opt out of downloading large media files when cloning a site from Flywheel locally (1)
Add tags like "Fractal Status" (1)
Curl and/or dummy data generator (1)
Update adminer 4.7 (2)
Add phpMyAdmin to Local (11)