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Local WordPress development made simple

Stop debugging local environments and spend more time launching WordPress sites.

Free local WordPress development environment

Local by Flywheel features

A fuss-free way to install WordPress locally

Speed and simplicity

Flywheel is fast and functional, so we brought those features to the slickest local WordPress development application in the world.

Simple Demo URLs

Show off your latest work! Create shareable URLs to demo your local WordPress sites to clients, collaborators, friends, or adoring fans.

SSH + WP-CLI Access

Local by Flywheel offers simple root SSH access to individual sites, so you can tinker around if your heart desires.

One-click WordPress Installation

Local by Flywheel makes creating a local WordPress site a light breeze, so you don’t have to bother with setting it up yourself!

Hassle-free Local SSL Support

Any site created via Local by Flywheel will automatically have a self-signed certificate created. Green padlock achieved!

Flexible Environment Options

Hot-swap between NGINX or Apache 2.4, or switch between PHP versions. Everything will stay up and running!


Local + Flywheel

Meet your WordPress development dream team

Flywheel is a delightful WordPress hosting platform that empowers designers, developers, and digital agencies to focus on what they do best — building beautiful, functional sites for their clients.

Pair up our platform with the Local app and you’re looking at a future that’s free from having to “tinker” to get sites up and running. We imagine a workflow that looks this:

  • #1 Create a new site locally (and almost instantly)
  • #2 Show off your work and get client feedback with a live demo URL
  • #3 Make changes and edits to the site as needed
  • #4 Use Local Connect to Flywheel to publish your site straight to our hosting platform with a few quick clicks
  • #5 Manage the site with Flywheel’s impressive platform

Local by Flywheel is our commitment to building the gold standard for local WordPress development. Stay tuned!

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This is and always will be...

  • Speed and simplicity
  • Simple demo URLs
  • SSH / WP-CLI access
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Hassle-free local SSL support
  • Flexible environment options
  • One-click deployment to Flywheel
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In development!

If you're looking for next-level features and some sweet bonus capabilities, you can sign up for access to the beta version of our premium version, Local Pro! We'll let you know the second it launches.

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We’re crafting the gold standard in WordPress website development

We’ve never understood why it’s such a painful, laborious, and technical process to create a WordPress website. From team-based tools to one-click features, we’re here to revolutionize your workflow and build the best practices for developing, launching, and managing WordPress sites.

  • Remote site importing
  • Premium support
  • Off-site backups for your local sites
  • ...and more!


Here are the high-level details about our local WordPress development app.

Do you have to be a Flywheel customer to use Local?

Not at all! While Local will likely work, look, and feel best if you’re using it with Flywheel, it is a standalone local development application. Enjoy! :)

How do I get my site from Local to Flywheel?

This will soon be a quick-click process. For now, Flywheel will handle things for you! Simply export your Local WordPress site and submit our free migration form. On the form, select the zip upload option and upload your exported site. We'll migrate the site to Flywheel and drop it into your account.

Another more hands-on option is to use Duplicator (free) or BackupBuddy (premium).

How do I get Local if I’m already a Pressmatic user?

If you're already a Pressmatic user, you'll need to delete the Pressmatic app from your Mac. Then, download and install Local (see the big ol’ green buttons above!). You'll then have the new version of the software and be ready for future updates.

This will not affect any of your current WordPress sites in development!

What are the minimum requirements to run Local?

The minimum requirements on a Mac are:

  • OS X 10.9
  • 1 GB of free disk space

And on Windows:

  • 4GB RAM
  • 1GB Disk Space
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
  • CPU with VT-x or AMD-v support

That's it! :)

Does Local work with non-WordPress sites?

Yes! You can also save your non-WordPress setups as Blueprints to reuse them.

In order to use Local with non-WordPress setups, create a new site like normal and then simply delete all WordPress files. You can also delete any WP related tables in the database, but make sure the database connection stays the same.

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All of our features

Here are a few (okay, many) of the reasons why Local is the best solution for local WordPress web development!

  • Isolated sites powered by Docker
Site management
  • Hot-swap between NGINX or Apache 2.4
  • Hot-swap between PHP versions
  • Change site URL by simply typing in the new domain. Database will be safely updated
Clone Sites
  • All files, databases, configs, and Local settings will be cloned
  • Site URL is automatically and safely changed
  • Available versions: 5.2.4, 5.2.17, 5.3.29, 5.6.20, 7.0.3, and more coming soon
  • Xdebug included: One-click integration of Xdebug + PHPStorm (Included Add-on)
  • Opcache included
HTTP/HTTPS Tunnel (Included Add-on)
  • Tunnel powered by ngrok
  • View your site on mobile devices, tablets, and other computers around the world as long as you have internet access
  • Test Stripe WebHooks, PayPal IPN, and REST APIs
WordPress Multisite
  • Support for both subdomain and subdirectory installations
  • One-click to sync subdomains to hosts file
Site Blueprints
  • Save any site as a Blueprint to re-use later
  • All files, databases, config files, and Local settings will be restored
  • Export includes site files, databases, config files, log files, and Local settings
  • Importing sites will restore all files, databases, and configs automatically
  • Exclude files from your exports such as archives, PSDs, .git directories, etc
Config Access
  • Config files to individual PHP versions, NGINX, Apache, and MySQL are all exposed for editing
  • Self-signed certificates are automatically created for new sites
  • One-click to trust self-signed certificates to suppress browser notices
Log Access
  • Log files to individual PHP versions, NGINX, Apache, and MySQL are all conveniently exposed
  • Mailcatcher is included to intercept any outgoing email from PHP sendmail for viewing and debugging. This also means you can test emails while offline
  • Simple root SSH access to individual sites
  • WP-CLI provided. Simply type wp after opening site SSH

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